Abu Dhabi Airport Informational Guide to Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) - Non Official

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminals

Abu Dhabi Airport is the main international airport serving the capital of UAE. 

Terminal 1

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1 is the oldest terminal. 

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Terminal 2

AbuDhabi Airport Terminal 2 is a small facility that mostly handles low-carrier flights. 

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Terminal 3

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 3 is the biggest Terminal and houses the Skypark Plaza. 

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Skypark Plaza

It is a shopping area served with shops, cafés, restaurants and even a parking, located next to Terminal 3. It has several floors.

VIP Terminal

There’s a VIP Terminal for special guests.


Transferring from a terminal to each other turns to be easy given they are located adjacent to each other.

You can go walking between them within no more than 20 minutes.