Abu Dhabi Airport (AUH) – Taxi

Abu Dhabi Airport (AUH) is about 30 km away from Abu Dhabi city centre. If you need to take a taxi you’ll find a rank of them at the Arrivals area of each passenger Terminal. They provide extra baggage space, plush interiors and multi-lingual male and female drivers with a good knowledge of Abu Dhabi city and UAE in general. They also accept multiple currencies. There are also vehicles for persons with reduced mobility and special needs.

Taxi prices

- The starting price of taxis at Abu Dhabi Airport is 25 Dirhams
- From 1 km up to 50 km (from 06:00h to 22:00h) costs 1,6 Dirhams
- From 1 km up to 50 km (from 22:00h until 06:00h) costs 1,69 Dirhams

The avarage price of a taxi ride from Abu Dhabi Airport to Abu Dhabi city centre should be around 48 Dirhams (11€/ 13$).